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Case Studies

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KPJ Hospital (Malaysia)

Many of our record automatic sliding door system install at KPJ Hospital Branches located at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and coming soon in Perlis 

home décor event

Our automatic revolving door system install as demo sample unit in the home décor event.

Columbia Asia Hospital (Malaysia)

Many of our JAD automatic sliding door system install at Columbia Asia Hospital Branches located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, Taiping, Nusajaya Johor, Bukit Rimau Shah Alam, Cheras And Setapak


Our Record automatic sliding door system install at hypermarket like Tesco, Carrefour, Giant

Maybank Malaysia

Our Record STA 21 automatic sliding door system install at Maybank HQ and branches located at Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor area.

Restaurant Rakuzen

Our Record automatic sliding door system install at café and  restaurant like rakuzen

Hong Leong Bank

Our record automatic sliding door system install at Hong Leong Bank Branches located at Kuala Lumpur

UCSI University

This is our local made full height turnstile system which have install at many places like UCSI University, WRP Resources, Safeguards Petaling Jaya, Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional, Shell in Bintulu Sabah, Lam Soom Penang & recently installed at Sime Darby in Denai Alam

OCBC Bank (Malaysia)

A lot of our PAD automatic sliding door system and manual slide and park system installed at OCBC Bank HQ and branches as located at Muar Johor, Kulai Jaya Johor,  Taman Connaught Cheras Kuala Lumpur, Taman Melawati Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Kemuning, Selangor

Pavillion Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur

This is our manual slide and park system which installed at Pavillion Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Osram Opto Semiconductors (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd

This is our PAD manual revolving system which installed at Osram Opto Semiconductors (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd in Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, Penang.

Swarovski at Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

This is our manual slide and park system which installed at Swarovski at Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

The Dolder Grand, Zurich (Switzerland)

The Dolder Grand is a 5-star hotel located at Zurich-Hottingen; it used to be called the Dolder Grand Hotel, and has been located here since 1899. The original "Curhaus" dating back to 1899 also belonged to the luxury class of city spas. Located on the western slopes of the Adlisberg between the pulsating city and the invigorating countryside, it provides a magnificent view of the city of Zurich, the lake and the Alps.

The Dolder Grand features 176 luxurious rooms and suites, exquisite cuisine, a spa covering 4,000 square meters, spacious banqueting and conference rooms, as well as a valuable art collection.

Queen Square Law Courts

The Law Courts building opened in 1977 and operated for more than 30 years without a Life Cycle program or any substantial upgrading. From 2005 to 2014 a comprehensive refurbishment program was undertaken, designed by a Group GSA + Hassell Architects. 

As part of the refurbishment to the ground floor foyer facade, 4 off record STA 20 automatic sliding doors, with frameless glass door wings were installed to the Philip and Macquarie Street entries.

2 off record FTA 20 bi-folding door operators were also installed as part of a secured exit lane system, allowing people to freely exit to the building, without allowing people to enter without using the metal detectors.

St. Pancras Station, London (England)

An under floor door drive enjoys a special status. The extra effort required in construction to install the drive unit below ground enables the creation of a free, airy architectural style, and therefore often plays a role in representative glass constructions.

Here at the impressive St. Pancras railway station in London, it makes perfect sense that our C 90 SU model has been chosen to provide access to the platforms in the terminal-like Euro Star zone.

The drive units are protected to IP67 norms and standards by highly effective seals preventing the ingress of dirt, dust and the occasionally aggressive cleaning fluids of floor cleaning machines. They also defy the rain, even the English sort!

Level 42, 259 George Street, Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney’s financial district, 259 George Street is an imposing establishment to the Sydney skyline, offering its tenants breathtaking views of the city and harbour.

At the top of this tower is the commercial offices of the building’s owner, Memocorp Australia, and as part of the full refurbishment of this office, record Automatic Doors was selected to install two C 127 infloor mounted automatic swing door operators to the main entry from the lift lobby.

In this application, the two operators are linked to allow them to open together from a signal from the card reader in the lift lobby, or push button in the office. Due to the design of the custom steel framed swing doors, one operator is required to open before, and close after, the other operator.

Capable of operating swing doors weighing up to 400kg, the record C 127 operator measures 780 x 270 x 150mm deep when encapculated within its special infloor housing which allows the flooring contractor to provide a custom access panel to match the surrounding timber finish. The end result is a striking dual automatic swing door system, providing a secure and accessible entrance for the building occupants.

Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy

The Daniel Mannix Building is the centrepiece of the Australian Catholic University’s St Patrick’s campus in Melbourne and one of Australia’s premier 6 Star Green Star buildings for teaching, research and learning.

Designed using industry leading practices in architecture, engineering and sustainability, the building boasts low environmental impacts but also high levels of comfort and wellbeing for the students and teachers.

The two main entries at either end of the building, off Young and Brunswick Streets, were originally built with dual automatic sliding doors however this ineffective airlock resulted in a wind tunnel effect and compromised the effectiveness of the building’s HVAC system.

In addition to the two new K21 revolving doors, record was responsible for the demolition of the existing automatic sliding door entries, as well as the installation of adjacent swing doors for disabled access, emergency egress and after hours access, utilising record DFA127 automatic swing door operators.

For a university, where large numbers of people can use an entrance in a short amount of time, the K21 revolving door, with an integrated automatic sliding door, is the ideal entrance solution, providing the exibility to alternate between revolving and sliding door modes to suit the time of day, weather conditions and expected traffic flows.

Deloitte Centre. Auckland

For the main entrance to the Deloitte Centre, built in 2009 at 80 Queen Street, Auckland, is a record Crystal Series revolving door. 

To complement an impressive cable truss entry screen, the architects, Woods Bagot, worked with record Automatic Doors to develop a custom made Crystal Series revolving door that, for the first time, featured spider fittings to support the curved sidewalls, as well as the glass roof.

20 Bond Street, Sydney

In an effort to attract new tenants after Macquarie Bank moved into their own building, the previous home of the Sydney Stock Exchange underwent a signicant facelift to reinvigorate the building as one of Sydney’s premier office locations. As part of this redevelopment, record Automatic Doors was responsible for the supply and installation of a Crystal Series glass roof revolving door and 3 record STA 20 automatic sliding door entrances. 

The new glass lobby box starts at the building line on the George Street side of the building, 10m long and 7m high, with a sliding door entrance for disabled access and emergency egress. The sliding door is supported off a steel beam suspended between the two adjacent steel mullions with a linished stainless steel pelmet.

On the Bond Street elevation, a 3600mm diameter Crystal Series automatic revolving door is the main entrance to the building lobby. Featuring a glass roof and steel portal frame, this revolving door is the perfect accompaniment to the glass box and provides the commercial lobby with an impressive main entrance.

Further along this facade is a second automatic sliding door for the entrance to Fitness First, with glass balustrading installed to the stairs leading down. Returning onto the Pitt Street elevation is another 10m long facade of various heights, with stairs leading up to another automatic sliding door entrance.,-sydney/

255 George Street, Sydney

As part of the extensive ground floor building refurbishment to the plaza entry of NAB House, record Automatic Doors was engaged to provide a new revolving door entry. This required alteration works to the existing frameless glazing and a new automatic swing door entry, featuring the DFA 127 automatic swing door operator mounted under the slab to allow for a full frameless glass appearance. 

For the new entry to the bank, a special 4 wing frameless glass automatic sliding door system was developed using the record STA 20 system. Controlled by a key switch, the 9.5m wide entry is designed to fully open in the morning, and then close at night. To provide after hours access, the first sliding door panel can open on a card swipe signal. To support this operator, a steel beam, with a black powdercoat aluminium pelmet, was installed across the entry, with a new frameless glass highlight, supported off glass fins above.

242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

For the upgrade to the ground floor of 242 Exhibition Street, products from record Automatic Doors were used exclusively throughout. This included:

  1. The main entry at the corner of Exhibition & Lonsdale Street, which have a Fullview Series revolving door as well as two DFA 127 automatic swing door and a STA 20 sliding door entry. 
  2. The two entries off Lt Lonsdale, to the cafe and food court areas, with two Fullview Series revolving doors and a DFA 127 automatic swing door.
  3. Other entries off Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets, with another four STA 20 frameless glass sliding doors.

100 Market Street, Sydney

As part of the $1.2 billion redevelopment of the West eld Sydney site, bound by Pitt Street Mall, Market Street and Castlreagh Street, the existing 10 storey commercial tower at 100 Market Street undertook a signi cant refurbishment.

Completed in 2010, this refurbishment entailed the pre-cast concrete facade being removed and replaced with a new high performance glass facade, new interior tout to all oors, which included modi ed oor plates with new light wells to increase natural light and a new frameless glass assembly to the main entry with two Fullview Series revolving doors.

At 2400mm diamater and 3420mm high these linished stainless steel clad revolving doors provide a striking and tall entrance feature to complement the frameless glazing and feature wall claddings on either side.

ANZ Tower, Sydney

With entries from both 161 Castlereagh Street and 242 Pitt Street, ANZ Tower is a 42 storey Premium Grade office building located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. A part of Grocon’s Liberty Place princinct, designed by FJMT, which includes the refurbishment of the historic Legion House, it boasts a 6-Star Green Star Design v2 rating.

Four Fullview Series revolving doors were selected to the lobby entries, with special extended clear passage heights of 3350mm and 3600mm to allow the canopy of the doors to be concealed within the portal soffit of the tensile steel glazing above.

To allow the white clad portal to span across the entrance without any support posts, the structure of the Fullivew doors were specially engineered to assist in supporting the necessary dead loads. In addition to the glass facade requiring double and triple low e coated glass in argon filled DGU panels, the glass to the revolving doors was also supplied with high performance coatings.

The Star, Pyrmont

As part of the redevelopment of The Star in 2011, a new hotel and retail complex was built on a adjacent vacant site. 

At both entries to the hotel a record Fullview Series 3600mm diameter revolving door was installed to provide the building with an airlocked entry system. These doors are 3650mm high with a 650mm canopy, clad in linished stainless steel, that continues above the frameless glass swing doors on either side. These swing doors have record DFA 127 automatic swing door operators, concealed within the portal, to provide disabled access at the push of a button.

To the 4 off main entries to the new retail area at The Star, record supplied and installed automatic bi-parting doors, with frameless glass door wings. For the Jones Bay Road entry, a breakout sliding door was installed, with the glass sidewalls able to be broken out in an emergency to provide a greater clear opening.

On the ground floor on Pirrama Road, record also installed two large single 
sliding automatic doors to the transport interchange. These door wings are aluminium framed in a white powdercoat finish to match the surrounding alucobond cladding.

Hilton Hotel, Sydney

With the existing main entry sliding doors on Geoge Street, as well as the rear entry off Pitt Street, causing persistent wind problems for hotel staff and guests, the decision was made to replace these sliding doors with revolving doors to achieve airlocked entries to the hotel.

In an extensive site operation, the existing sliding doors were removed, along with the highlight glazing which was being supported off the steel transom.

Two Fullview revolving doors were then installed to the George Street entry, along with one Fullview door and motorised swing door to the Pitt Street entry. All doors were clad in linihsed stainless steel with custom illuminated canopy signage.

To maintain the existing requirement for smoke ventilation in an emergency, each revolving door was tted with an automatic windback door wing to open on a re trip signal.

For greater security after hours, the doors were tted with motorised ‘clamshell’ night doors, which are in fact the sidewalls of the doors themselves automatically closing and electrically locking once the door, and associated lighting is turned off.

259 George Street, Sydney

The main entrance to 259 George Street, Sydney features a 4000mm diameter x 3500mm high Diamond Series revolving door, installed by record Automatic Doors as part of wider building refurbishment work in 2013.

Commonwealth Bank Place, Sydney

The new Darling Walk precinct combines a commercial, retail and leisure space with new pedestrian links between Darling Harbour and the city. As the new headquarters for the Commonwealth Bank, the North and South buildings feature automatic revolving, sliding and swing doors by record Automatic Doors.

For the main entry to each lobby a 4000mm diameter Diamond Series revolving door was installed. The Diamond Series is record's most frameless glass revolving door, with the entire door structure supported only by glass with the drive motor mounted to the underside of the concrete slab. The large diameter of these doors allows for large groups of people to enter and leave the door at the same time.

For the Level 1 entry on the North building, a 2400mm diameter Fullview Series revolving door was installed to provide an alternate access point into the building, whilst still ensuring an air locked facade. 

To provide the necessary disabled access and emergency egress from the lobbies, frameless glass swing doors were integrated into the glass assemblies, with concealed DFA 127 automatic swing door operators and electric locking. 

International Towers 3, Barangaroo

For International Towers 3 at Barangaroo, record Automatic Doors was responsible for a total of 7 revolving doors, including 4 of the largest Diamond Series doors ever built at 4000mm diameter x 3900mm high, installed to the South Lobby

The scale of these doors provides an imposing architectural feature of the podium lobby works and complements the height of the main entry cantilevered glass awning. A smaller Diamond door was also provided to the cafe entry.
Due to the size and weight of the carousel, these doors could only be provided with a 3 wing carousel however the larger segment spaces this design provides results in a spacious and safe revolving door entrance able to accommodate the expected heavy traffic flows. 

To the North Lobby entrance, record installed two Diamond Series revolving doors, 4000mm diameter x 3000mm high. The full frameless glass design of the Diamond Series, made possible by the glass sidewalls being designed to support the dead load of the glass roof, allows the doors to complement the frameless appearance of the striking surrounding glass assembly and atrium.

For these doors the drive motors were mounted in a pit within the floor slab, with removable access panels in the floor for general service and maintenance. A custom stainless steel floor ring was developed to not only provide a clear separation of internal and external floor finishes, as well as a glazing channel for the frameless glass sidewalls, but also to house a recessed LED light strip feature in the floor. The doors are clad in linished stainless steel to match the surrounding finishes and the press to slow buttons and mode key switches are mounted on free standing stainless steel bollards at both entries. 

For disabled and after hours access, record also installed 16 of its infloor mounted C 127 automatic swing door operators to the main lobby entries, retail tenancies and food court areas. 

The C 127 empowers building designers with the ability to provide automatic swing door entries, necessary to meet disabled access requirements, in addition to emergency egress and after hours access requirements, without the need for visible transoms above the swing door that can detract from the architecturally designed appearance of the entries. 
For the North Lobby doors, this allowed for clean frameless glass highlights above the doors and at the South Lobby a stainless steel soffit was designed without any visible linkage arms from the operator to the door, or access panels that could cheapen the appearance.

All doors are activated by push buttons on either side and locked via electric strikes mounted at the door jambs. Internal lever handles also allow the doors to be opened manually and service access to the C 127 operator is via special removable stone inlay panels to provide a seamless floor design.

200 George Street, Sydney

On the 22nd June 2016, a new 37 storey premium grade landmark building, designed by architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, was opened with two record Diamond Series revolving doors at the main lobby entrance.

Considered one of Sydney’s finest commercial properties, 200 George Street has an organic and natural aesthetic, derived from an emphasis on using more traditional building materials such as timber and sandstone, combined with an innovative curtain wall facade incorporating automated timber blinds that adjust to suit the position of the sun. This has made it one of Australia’s most technologically advanced and sustainable properties, boasting a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Buildings Council of Australia. 

For the ground floor lobby, maintaining an airlock into the foyer was considered very important and to complement the bold design of the main entry timber clad feature awning, the Diamond Series frameless glass roof door from record Automatic Doors was selected. 

To create a striking and elegant door entrance, an extended height of 3650mm was designed with special toughened laminated glass required to the roof to meet the requirements of AS1288.

Working with Empire Glass, record Automatic Doors also supplied and installed three C 127 in floor mounted automatic operators to the main and side entries. The doors are secured by an electromagnetic lock mounted to the underside of a slimline stainless steel transom member above the door. For access to the operator, a stainless steel access panel was screw fixed into the C127’s in floor mounted enclosure. The pivot doors feature linished stainless steel top and bottom door rails which are necessary for connections to the operator spindle at the bottom of the door and the mag lock at the head.

Läckerli Huus, Frenkendorf (Switzerland)

Have you smelt the new aroma around the Flachsackerstrasse 50 in Frenkendorf? Here they bake not only the original Basler Läckerli biscuits, but also the entire assortment of Läckerli Huus specialties, all of which are lovingly and elaborately gift wrapped by hand. Läckerli Huus’ long tradition of intricate packaging finds continuity here, typical of which are the tins, which remain among the most popular type of containers in the Läckerli Huus range.

The building encompasses storage in the basement, production areas on the ground and first floors and offices on the top floor. All areas are finished in line with Minergie norms and standards. In addition, groundwater is used as a source of energy for the cooling and heating of the buildings and production facilities. The new building thus ensures optimum production and logistics processes as well as the latest in production technology, combined with the environmentally friendly use of energy.

On 1 October 2014, the retail store built into the production facility opened its doors for business, enabling customers to buy freshly baked delicacies on the spot.