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Case Studies – Hilton Hotel, Sydney

With the existing main entry sliding doors on Geoge Street, as well as the rear entry off Pitt Street, causing persistent wind problems for hotel staff and guests, the decision was made to replace these sliding doors with revolving doors to achieve airlocked entries to the hotel.

In an extensive site operation, the existing sliding doors were removed, along with the highlight glazing which was being supported off the steel transom.

Two Fullview revolving doors were then installed to the George Street entry, along with one Fullview door and motorised swing door to the Pitt Street entry. All doors were clad in linihsed stainless steel with custom illuminated canopy signage.

To maintain the existing requirement for smoke ventilation in an emergency, each revolving door was tted with an automatic windback door wing to open on a re trip signal.

For greater security after hours, the doors were tted with motorised ‘clamshell’ night doors, which are in fact the sidewalls of the doors themselves automatically closing and electrically locking once the door, and associated lighting is turned off.

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