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Case Studies – Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy

The Daniel Mannix Building is the centrepiece of the Australian Catholic University’s St Patrick’s campus in Melbourne and one of Australia’s premier 6 Star Green Star buildings for teaching, research and learning.

Designed using industry leading practices in architecture, engineering and sustainability, the building boasts low environmental impacts but also high levels of comfort and wellbeing for the students and teachers.

The two main entries at either end of the building, off Young and Brunswick Streets, were originally built with dual automatic sliding doors however this ineffective airlock resulted in a wind tunnel effect and compromised the effectiveness of the building’s HVAC system.

In addition to the two new K21 revolving doors, record was responsible for the demolition of the existing automatic sliding door entries, as well as the installation of adjacent swing doors for disabled access, emergency egress and after hours access, utilising record DFA127 automatic swing door operators.

For a university, where large numbers of people can use an entrance in a short amount of time, the K21 revolving door, with an integrated automatic sliding door, is the ideal entrance solution, providing the exibility to alternate between revolving and sliding door modes to suit the time of day, weather conditions and expected traffic flows.

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