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Case Studies – Läckerli Huus, Frenkendorf (Switzerland)

Have you smelt the new aroma around the Flachsackerstrasse 50 in Frenkendorf? Here they bake not only the original Basler Läckerli biscuits, but also the entire assortment of Läckerli Huus specialties, all of which are lovingly and elaborately gift wrapped by hand. Läckerli Huus’ long tradition of intricate packaging finds continuity here, typical of which are the tins, which remain among the most popular type of containers in the Läckerli Huus range.

The building encompasses storage in the basement, production areas on the ground and first floors and offices on the top floor. All areas are finished in line with Minergie norms and standards. In addition, groundwater is used as a source of energy for the cooling and heating of the buildings and production facilities. The new building thus ensures optimum production and logistics processes as well as the latest in production technology, combined with the environmentally friendly use of energy.

On 1 October 2014, the retail store built into the production facility opened its doors for business, enabling customers to buy freshly baked delicacies on the spot.

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