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record STA 20 – Classic linear sliding door record STA 20 – the allrounder

record VRR

The record VRR automatic locking bolts consist of a small, low-cost module that provides basic protection against burglars for your automatic sliding door. Locking is triggered automatically as soon as the operating unit or timer has received the corresponding signal. Should it do so, a steel bolt is inserted through two eyelets located at the door wings to ensure it remains in the closed position. In this way, the door can no longer slide open without use of burglar’s tools and massive force.

record SSK

Just like the door to your apartment at home, a key-operated contact enables you to operate your automatic door. Turning the key overrides all previously saved operational modes and immediately opens the door. In this way, shopkeepers can gain access to their business in the morning without having to worry about timers or use separate doors at the back.

A record SSK perfectly integrates the convenience of an automatic door system with an enhanced level of burglar protection, like record multipoint locking, or automatic burglar resistant doors record SAFECORD RC 2 and record THERMCORD RC 2 models. This makes poorly accessible, dirty floor locks that get in the way obsolete and a thing of the past.

record HEI/HEA

record automatic doors are constructed to the highest standards of safety and reliability. During power outages, however, any automatic door will cease to function if it has not been fitted with a battery pack to enable it to open or function in an emergency. In this case, your automatic door can be provided with mechanical unlocking using a robust Bowden cable, or, in the case of break-out installations, to allow the door leaves to swing open.

record MPV

To prevent automatic sliding doors being forced open, for example, locking the entrance to a pharmacy, record provides a variety of solutions. As a convenient alternative to traditional manual floor locks, record provides multi-point locking (MPV), which effectively prevents the door from opening, and features two bolts at the floor and two at the top of the header profile.

record AIR 290

The record AIR 290 is an active infrared sensor that generates a narrow light curtain reaching to the floor. The opening impulse is triggered when an object enters the light curtain. This sensor is particularly suitable when only a small field of detection needs to be covered.

record AIS 290

For secondary closing edge protection for applications in automatic en­trance and door systems, for wall, ceiling or flush installation

BDE-D (60 x 60 mm) with surface-mounted housing
record BDE-D

The mode of operation is selected intuitively using the BDE-D electronic remote control; the display features text in the language of your choice. The convenient and user-friendly BDE-D remote control can also be used to set or modify application-specific door parameters such as opening and closing speeds, opening widths for reduced opening, duration of open times, etc.

Touchless switch
record BLS 60

Bacteria and viruses are mainly transmitted through the hands. When the door handle turns into a germ spreader, this is a problem for companies, especially in the hygiene sector. On many everyday things like smartphones, shopping carts, light switches or door handles adhere to the unwelcome bacteria firmly. For hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, restaurants as well as the food processing industry the touchless switch is the perfect solution. Are the hands occupied with carrying shopping bags, anything else or by typing a message on the smartphone, the approach to the switch is enough and and the automatic door open.

In addition to the simple operation of the door, the record BLS 60 is hygienic to use, as at no time the skin comes into contact with the object.

EPC 903
record EPC 903
record floor rails

There are various reasons for considering the installation of floor rails. Primarily designed for challenging environments, it ensures record-typical characteristics throughout the operational life of your door system.

FPC 902
record FPC 902
record Opening Switch

For automatic doors that are only rarely opened, we provide this simple push-button switch. Available as a surface mounted version complete with an additional housing, or as a flush fitting, concealed version for installation in all current mounting frames.

record protective screens

Protective door screens supplement our range of classic linear sliding doors. They serve primarily to protect the door from damage, but also prevent malfunctions, for example when items are carelessly placed in the path of the door.

record RAD 225
record RAD 251
record RAD 252
record RAD 255
record RAD 256
record RAD 270
record RAD 290

When analyzing its immediate environment, the record RAD 290 motion detector permanently communicates with the control device. The detection field is defined electronically, allowing it to eliminate previously acquired door movements. Time-consuming mechanical fine adjustment of the sensor is thereby eliminated. Also, changes to the field due to temperature differentials are largely uncritical.

record RIC 290

The record RIC 290 sensor device uses microwave and active infrared technology. It is equipped with both a combination of motion and presence detectors that trigger opening and closing operations with a high level of security and reliability. The device actively communicates with the door control, and recognizes persons in the passage area. A light curtain also prevents collisions with the door leaves.

record Touchless Switch

The contactless IR hygienic button triggers an opening impulse without having to touch its surface.

Unlike the infrared sensors of the record 290 series, the detection field of this contactless switch is very small, so that it triggers only if a targeted movement occurs in its immediate vicinity. Inadvertent triggering is thus avoided, making the record contactless switch ideal for applications in hospitals, such as when entering the operating theatre after disinfecting the hands to perform surgical operations.

record Wireless Switch

The record wireless button is a wireless 868.3 MHz radio-controlled button that can be attached to almost any point up to 30m from the door. Pushing the button transmits a radio signal with an embedded code to the receiving unit at the door control, triggering an opening impulse. Piezoelectric technology makes the record wireless button maintenance-free, and also means it does not require batteries. Included is also an adhesive film, which enables you to attach the radio-controlled button to glass, tiles or even painted walls.