record automatische Türsysteme en

record STA 20 – Classic linear sliding door record STA 20 – the allrounder

Escape door systems (BAT)
For admission as an escape door in the UK and Denmark, the drive is fitted with battery monitoring (BAT).
Escape door systems (CO48)
Also available is the CO 48-opening system, originally provided for the French market, with mechanical energy storage.
record STA 21

Based on the record system 20, the record STA 21 has been modified to meet the requirements of light to medium-heavy door applications. Both have the same system, enabling the interactive exchange of information between control, sensors and electronic remote control unit.

record STA 22

The robust STA 22 automatic door is particularly suitable for special entrances and applications using heavy door leaves. Operator technology is particularly stable and reliable and has maintained its position successfully in the market for many years. The STA 22 automatic sliding door is the ideal solution for special heavy duty applications.

Escape door systems (RED)
record system 20 (RED)

The internationally approved redundant design (RED) for escape doors consists of a double drive unit, two combined but independent controls, and a battery to perform an emergency movement in case of power failure. 

Reinforced drive (DUO)

The reinforced DUO-drive is equipped with a second motor and matching controller. It closes the gap between the record STA 20 all-round sliding door drive, and the record STA 22 unit, which was designed for particularly heavy automatic doors. In contrast to the STA 22 model, however, the DUO drive is also available for drives with low housing covers of 108 and 150 mm in height.