record automatische Türsysteme en

record FlipFlow SINGLE – Glass tunnel with single pair of automatic doors and intelligent sensors

The record FlipFlow provides a high level of security for a wide range of applications. The user friendly, one-way traffic, security system delivers a high volume throughput, without jeopardizing controlled access.

Effective flow control – high-volume throughput

  • Channels pedestrian flow in one direction with effective anti-return feature. Provides optional static object detection inside the tunnel.
  • Effective barrier for the separation of secure and non-secure areas; for example as a border between air-side and land-side.
  • Efficient and economical, anti-access system with high security features. Compact and transparent design, easily accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Featuring advanced detection and control technology, integrated with functional and reliable barrier components, the FlipFlow provides security and safety in a practical, modular construction. The non-intrusive style does not impede pedestrian flow. The structural design is robust and easily maintained. Delivers safety and security at the desired level while being user friendly and easily maintained.

The FlipFlow adds value to your installation, offers reliable and repeatable performance and provides discreet but dependable safety and security. Allows the reallocation of security staff.

For applications requiring an extremely high volume of throughput, multiple units can be placed side by side to handle peak pedestrian flow. Each individual FlipFlow is controlled separately, so the units not in use can be locked secure and unused during lower volume periods.